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Business Invoicing Made Easy: Let Accounting Software Do it For You

By November 7, 2019 November 13th, 2019 No Comments

Business invoicing can sometimes feel like a redundant administrative task. However, it’s much more than that. Invoicing is a fundamental process when it comes to your business operations.

Invoicing is more than just a piece of paper with numbers, rates and descriptions. 

It not only gets you paid, but it’s a vital document for tracking and generating critical financial reports to understand your business’ cash flow.

So, buckle up. Find out the 3 key reasons why accounting software is better for assisting in business invoicing—as opposed to good ‘ol traditional Microsoft Word or Excel.

Business Invoicing Made Easy: Let Accounting Software Do it For You

Reason #1: Business invoicing on accounting software reduces error

The great thing about accounting software—and software in general—is that it automates tasks (like inputting data and tracking documents) for you. With invoicing specifically, there is abundant room for added ease and efficiency.

As you may know, there is nothing more uncomfortable than chasing down outstanding payments from your clients. But with accounting software, you can slim down the chance of increasing your accounts receivable. Send your invoices with a credit card payment option and track outstanding payments—saved in a single digital space.

Invoicing with Kashoo: Kashoo provides features to make the business invoicing process easier. Send a “Pay Invoice” link with your invoice to prompt payments for your clients while they’re on-the-go. Duplicate last month’s invoice so that you have fewer data to input this month. Send your invoice directly from your Workspace, as opposed to logging into your email. Kashoo’s workflow is designed to be straight-forward, focusing on helping you get paid faster.

Looking for step-by-step instructions to creating invoices in Kashoo? Here’s how the process goes.

Reason #2: Business invoicing on accounting software focuses on getting you paid

Accounting software with invoicing features is designed to get you paid faster. 

Professionally designed invoices make it clear for your customers on what exactly is needed from them—the action that matters most, which is paying this invoice now. Unlike invoicing with Word or Excel, accounting software offers a breadth of custom-designed invoices and even the convenience of paying by credit card with fewer clicks. 

Invoicing with Kashoo: Kashoo offers custom-designed invoices for you to choose from so that you don’t have to design them yourself using Microsoft templates. The software inputs all the key invoice data for you—invoice number, customer information, item prices, taxes, etc., so that you can review it and send it off to your client. As an added plus, Kashoo provides credit card payments directly with the invoice. Instead of waiting 30, 60 days or more to collect, you can now add a “Pay Invoice” button along with your invoices.

You can send up credit card processing easily. Here’s how.

Reason #3: Business invoicing with accounting software helps WOW your clients

Who wouldn’t want to surpass their client’s expectations? Accounting software offers customizable invoices to WOW your clients. The best part? You don’t even need to hire a designer (or be one) to attain the same results. 

Invoicing with Kashoo: Kashoo’s allows you to customize how you want your PDF to look to your clients. Choose from a selection of invoice design templates and add your logo for personalization. Whichever design you go with, it’s always a good idea to practice professional and concise display of information so that your customers are clear on what they need to do, and to help maintain a positive business relationship moving forward.

Sick of invoicing using Microsoft Word or Excel? Give Kashoo a try for free using our 14-day free trial to see how we can uncomplicate the payment process for your business. 

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