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Easy-To-Use, Real-time Accounting that Works Effortlessly with Square

Run your business from any device, on one screen. Collect payments like you normally do with Square and let Kashoo keep track of the rest of your business.

Try Kashoo for free and join thousands of small business owners in the US who are getting organized.

Try Kashoo Free

Categorization made easy with Kashoo inbox

Learning Software is Easy with Kashoo

More Time For Your Business

Spend 15 minutes or less on your books weekly with Kashoo’s smart inbox.

Organizing receipts made easy with kashoo

Effotless Expense Tracking

OCR receipt matching and machine learning automates your expense tracking.

Quick Financial Reports

See your financial reports in 10 minutes or less after you connect your bank account.

Kashoo + Square is the perfect combination of real-time accounting with almost zero effort.

Income is the life blood of any business, that’s why Kashoo automatically tracks everything that happens in Square. Every transaction, sale, tip, fee, tax, refund, discount, and transfer – all tracked, categorized, and organized come tax-time. Regardless of your locations, Kashoo can keep track of all your income.

But, income is only half the picture.

Kashoo empowers you to keep track your business expenses with attachments of any file type. When you can see both income and expenses in one spot, then you can manage your cash flow as you see where your business stands in real-time. Get actionable insights and useful reports so you can make better decisions for the health of your business. Share access and collaborate with your accountant, employees, and business partners in real-time on any device – on the web, iPhone or iPad.

Designed for business owners. Not accountants.

An intuitive and easy-to-use accounting suite that fits your needs.

Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Dashboard

See where your business stands at-a-glance in real-time.

Smart Inbox Saves You Time

Review all your transactions in one place and reconcile simpler and faster.

Intuitive Invoicing

Deposits and payments matched automatically to customer records.

simple and easy to understand reporting for small business owners
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