Business critical reports, STAT.

With Kashoo, you have Cash flow, Income Statement & Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Trial Balance & General Ledger, and Bank reconciliation at your fingertips, ready and waiting.

Real-time reports for your real-time business.

You want to know your balance this second, we get it. When you’re running a small business, you need to know your financial performance in real-time. Even your bank and credit card balances are presented to you. Everything automatically sorted, categorized, and reconciled so all you have to do is run your business.

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Always ready for tax time.

Heading to your accountant right now? No problem. Your sales tax summary is ready in two clicks. Plus you can share any reports, or your entire account for that matter, with your accountant in seconds. Now you’re collaborating. That was easy.

Simple, affordable and tailored to you.

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