It’s the 21st century.

Stop doing redundant tasks.

With Kashoo, every transaction that happens in your business is automatically categorized and sorted without you having to do anything. Our Smart Inbox recognizes the vendors you normally do business with and keeps track for you.

Categorization made easy with Kashoo inbox

Still collecting paper receipts? Piece of cake.

Our OCR technology automatically scans, creates a digital copy of your receipt, and categorizes it in 2 seconds. That way you never have to worry about duplicate entries in your books.

Stop leaving money on the table at tax time.

Maximizing your deductions is simple when everything is sorted. Kashoo is optimized to sort into the correct accounts that the IRS and CRA look for, so everything is properly categorized for simple filing. If you want to go deeper, we’ve even built-in sub-categories for insanely detailed reports. Plus, the ability to capture cash or paper transactions with a couple of taps is a lifesaver.

Create contacts automatically from your transactions.

Anytime you work with a new vendor, Kashoo automatically creates a contact. No importing, no manual data entry, just smart software that saves you time. You can even see how much your spending by each vendor in just a couple clicks.

View contacts and their transactions in Kashoo

Simple, affordable and tailored to you.

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