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Have Internet, Will Work

By June 28, 2013 February 26th, 2019 No Comments

At Kashoo, we practice what we preach. We’re firm believers that being able to work from anywhere, anytime is a great thing. It allows for better, more rapid decision-making. It helps work get done faster. It also helps facilitate a healthy work-life balance. And as we’ve talked about before, ubiquitous connectivity and powerful mobile devices are driving this evolution.

So we thought we’d share some of our own “have internet, will work” experiences…

Since joining Kashoo last year, Greg, our VP of marketing, has given a webinar from the passenger (stress: passenger, not driver!) seat on the 401 highway in Ontario between meetings and recently Skyped in to a supplier call while volunteering for neighbourhood cleanup efforts after the Calgary floods. He and Kasey (director of business development) also joined a weekly team meeting from a restaurant in Disneyland. And speaking of Kasey, our road warrior has worked from more hotel lobbies and coffee shops than anyone.

Dave Clarke working from the mountains

Fiona has helped Jim track down specific company information for a meeting while at her daughter’s school. Christopher has done a ton of work while on the British Columbia ferries. Andrew has worked from his local pub every now and then. Dave has pulled off the highway en route to visit his parents to run a product demo for a blogger. Sandra’s jumped on a few customer support tickets from south Florida. Chuck will be working for Germany later this summer, while visiting family.

Christopher Luft working on the BC ferry

And all of this is made possible by the very technologies we’re using to bring you simple cloud accounting. Technologies like tablets and the cloud and high speed connectivity—the byproduct of which is faster decision-making and a solid work-life balance.

So no we ask you. What “have internet, will work” story do you have to share? Post it on our Facebook wall.