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Accounting App Shopping? Ask Yourself These 4 Simple Questions

By June 15, 2015 February 26th, 2019 No Comments

It’s easy for us to talk about how great we think Kashoo is as the go-to solution for small business accounting, but in reality, you need an accounting app that is right for you. And guess who decides that? Yep. You. But if you’re totally new to the small business game, figuring out which one to pick can be tough. So instead of making specific recommendations, we’re going to run down a few questions that you should ask yourself when vetting accounting apps. From there, the choice is yours… 


How Do You Work? 

Your work style plays a big part in determining which accounting app is right for you. Maybe you’re a control freak and need the ability to see where your business’ finances stand at any given moment. Maybe you’re more hands-off and just want to handle the invoicing and expenses side of things, leaving everything else to a bookkeeper who can hop in your accounting software once a month and clean everything up. Or maybe you’re perpetually on the road and thus an accounting app with robust mobile apps is make or break. Ultimately, you want to define your work style and see how the different apps measure up. For example, lots of people who use Kashoo are self-described control freaks. They want to do everything when it comes to their accounting. Kashoo fits that style. But guess what? That’s not everybody and that is totally OK. 

How Much of a “Numbers Person” You Are

From a basic view, most accounting software is built and designed for one of two types of users: accountants and non-accountants, the latter of which usually includes small business owners. In general, accountants and bookkeepers will have less of a learning curve than the new business owner when it comes to getting a handle on a new accounting app. So when you’re making your pick, try to understand which accounting apps are better suited for “numbers people.” (If that’s you, great, if not, perhaps consider the app that is, for lack of a better phrase, the most laymen.”)

How Much Reporting is Too Much? 

There are accounting software apps that come with the ability to generate every financial report under the sun. And then there are those that stick to the basics. If Profit & Loss, cash flow, balance sheet, AR/AP are all you need, then look for the app that doesn’t over complicate things for you. Conversely, if you do anticipate that your business needs (or will need) a variety of reports, go with the one that offers the deepest reporting breadth. 


This is what it all boils down to, right? When you’re starting a business, keeping the overhead low makes sense—and accounting software is a part of overhead! But that’s not to say you should just go with the cheapest option. (We’re listing price last here for a reason.) Ultimately, you want to go with the accounting app that makes you comfortable, does what you need it to do and fits your budget. Alas, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. And speaking of sizes, you also want to consider an accounting app that has the ability to grow with your business (or businesses!). 

Naturally, there are other factors at play when picking your accounting software, so we’ll end with this: when in doubt, ask an accountant. Actually, do this: describe to an accountant your work style, your level of accounting comfort, what you need your accounting system to do and your budget and then ask them for recommendations.