Connect to 5000+ banks and credit unions in real-time.

When all your accounts are connected to the smarts of Kashoo, your business runs seamlessly. Have the peace of mind of full encryption and industry standard security. Plus knowing your data is up-to-date helps protect you from financial fraud.


Manual entry? Data upload? No thanks.

Say goodbye to typos and upload mistakes. Gross. We’ve pre-populated accounts based on your industry so there’s no human error when categorizing. And if you are uploading, we’ve developed strict rules so there’s no data mess in your inbox.


No effort reconciliation in real-time.

Remember when “bank rec” was a four-letter word? Kashoo reconciles your books for you in the background and provides real-time cash flow insights. You always understand your bottom line, without breaking a sweat. That’s zero effort accounting.

Simple, affordable and tailored to you.

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