Less tracking expenses.
More networking.

All your business purchases seamlessly flow into your inbox and you categorize them when the important stuff is done.

Smart Inbox learns as you categorize
No more saving and storing receipts
Stop losing money at tax time
See where you spend the most

Categorization made easy with Kashoo inbox

Less waiting. More billing.

Send an invoice and get paid. It’s that simple. As your income flows into your inbox, you categorize it and Kashoo learns and gets smarter as you go.

Customize your own invoices
Stay up-to-date with client statements
Email invoices directly from Kashoo

simple and easy to understand reporting for small business owners

Less data entry.
More understanding.

Sometimes more numbers isn’t better. You need the right numbers, when you need them, in a format you can understand and use, especially for taxes.

Streamlined reports that are easy to read
Send to your accountant in a snap
Sales tax summary at your fingertips
Compare your sales over months or years

Less chasing. More collecting.

How much of your life could you get back if you didn’t have to chase payments? All your payments and taxes sorted and categorized perfectly.

Automatic deposits into your bank account
No hidden fees

Less data entry.
More balance.

Kashoo does more than sync with 5,000+ banks worldwide. It learns as you categorize what flows into your inbox from all your accounts, saving you time and effort come tax time.

Connect bank, credit, and other accounts seamlessly
Fully encrypted and secure
Kashoo learns your habits and categorizes for you
Sort personal and business transactions in seconds

Data entry made simple by connecting bank feed

Simple, affordable and tailored to you.

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