Accountant Program

Delight your clients. Be their Most Valuable Professional

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Kashoo is Simple Cloud Accounting for Your Clients

Simple: A full accounting system that’s easy for even your smallest client. Take collaboration to the next level, and Kashoo support is always available to help.

Cloud: Mobile first—for your clients and for you. For your clients: invoice, track payments and expenses on the go. For you? Access that data from your desk, from your client’s office, or even from the beach!

Accounting: Highly secure, true double-entry accounting: bank reconciliation, full activity stream, financial statements and import/export so you can get your data where you need it.

Kashoo is a game changer in the way we manage our small business clients. It has greatly reduced the time required to manage each client and virtually eliminated the time we spend correcting mistakes.
Ivan Alvarez, CPA,

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Kashoo MVPs receive:

  • Kashoo MVP edition – you can easily and securely manage each client’s business
  • Training and support dedicated to our MVPs
  • Kashoo online apps for your clients, where they can enter their data, and you oversee their accounts

Kashoo meets today’s business requirements

  • Cloud-based accounting with real-time access to your client’s full records—wherever, whenever you need it
  • A complete double-entry accounting system, with the reports you need for tax season and beyond
  • Secure financial information that is always up-to-date, backup, and only a click away

Supercharge your client engagement

  • Delight your clients by working smarter
  • Collaborate in the cloud, working together with your clients and staff members
  • Ensure control and trace errors by monitoring client activity with Kashoo’s always-on activity stream

Be a hero to your clients

  • Save your clients from shoebox and spreadsheet accounting
  • Simple and straightforward way for your clients to easily manage their financial records
  • Which means you can spend less time getting clients organized, and more time doing what you do best—advising on their business finances